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Just one year ago Marina & The Kats, the smallest Big Band on Earth, released their Debut LP „Small“.  Now they are back in the studio.  And this time the outcome is a vinyl double-album called „Wild“, with enough room for 16 songs.

Marina and her cats are remaining faithful to their style and their slogan SWING SWING SWING. Having the experience and know-how of over 100 live-concerts under their paws, they‘re diving even deeper into the driving sound of the Juke Joints and Ballrooms.  Racy gypsy guitars, nimble melodies, airy snare drums and Marinas uniquely charming voice meld into a nostalgic cocktail - ready to be enjoyed either at breakfast or in the evenings at the dance cafè, bringing immediate smiles to everyone.

While on „Small“ Marina sang about how life goes if one's a bit short of stature, she shows us on „Wild“ that behind a sweet, innocent exterior there can lurk a rascal. In „Easy does“ she wonders why everyone rushes to work in the early morning after her having just come back from a wild and crazy dance party.  She loves playing pranks on „Bamboozle Boogie“, squabbles with her lover on the bluesy „Mrs. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde“ and tries to distract with a syrupy, inncocent air all that she got away with („Wild“). Marina is a girl who wears the pants, and in the outspoken „Treat me nice“ she makes clear exactly how a man should treat a woman.

She knows how to help herself to the candy on the top shelf and she dances the seductive Cha Cha of a Femme Fatale („Sweets On The Top Shelf“).

Once in a while she‘ll dream of peaceful times like on „Moon On The Hill“, that’s spiced with a swift vibraphone, or she‘ll wonder about impermanence („Forever Young“.)

She declares her love of coffee (in the heartwarming C O F F E E) and to her hometown („I Feel For You“); she tries to seduce with recipes („Superb“), and just likes dancing her feet to a red hot glow. („Shim Sham“).

The album is topped off with two cover versions: Guns N' Roses classic „Paradise City“ and „And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine“, once already sang by the unforgettable Anita O'Day along with Stan Kenton.

With Marina & The Kats you take a dreamy journey into the times of Djano Reinhart and Cab Calloway, the Divas and the Crooners, the Lindy Hops and the Collegiate Shags, the Radio shows and the Revue theatres, the Miròs and the Picassos, the Peek-A-Boo's and the Victory Rolls, the Buick Rivieras and the Cadillac Convertibles, between the dim Cotton Club of Harlem and the sun sparkling palm trees of Santa Monica, and you still land softly in the here and now.


Photographer: Antonia Renner

Musicians:  Marina Zettl, Thomas Mauerhofer, Peter Schoenbauer


Press Quotes:

 "I love bands that borrow from different genres and take something familiar but make it their own" Victor Espino, San Jose Jazz

"Raising the curtain for M&TK. In fact they are a group of three only, but swinging like at least a dozen" Martin Kersten, Hessischer Runfunk

"A voice suited perfectly for this wonderful, nostalgic chic of a glamourous aera"  Kleine Zeitung

"Recorded as if at the legendary Capitol Records studio of 50ies Hollywood, yet refreshingly modern"  Lüneburger LZ

"Swing played by these three hasn't sounded so laid-back since Fairground Attraction. It just doesn't get any more charming than this"  Andreas Bovelino, Kurier

„This record is to die for! Of gorgeous lightness, it instantly puts you in a good mood“ Aachener Zeitung

„Marina is a splendid singer somewhat reminiscent of of scandinavian pop music pixies...but then again starts cooing all charming and sensual“ Martin Gasser, Kronen Zeitung

"The smallest Big Band on the planet"  Teresa Schaur-Wünsch, Die Presse

"Those three create a world that send dance lovers into ecstasy but don't mind straight talking either-still they stay extremely cheerful"  Julia Schafferhofer, Kleine Zeitung

"We are totally in love with marina and her kats! This band get the hole redaktion to swing along the day with a smile on everyone's face! Even outsidein the streets everybodody is starting to dance when we put in this fantastic record!" - & PARADOX Magazin und Radio

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